Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Some nights out shooting I do for fun; for my birthday (officially 29+1) I took myself along to Skill Wizard where I saw Salute and Nebukadnezza. It was loud and fun.

Happy birthday to me. Dice Club approaches its third birthday; I wonder how many of the folks who go there really have an idea of what a slice of its time that place has been. It has never been a place to put bands on to please a crowd, and that makes it better than a lot of places. I don't always like the music but I like the idea of it; here's Joy Rides and The Vichy Government and Oli and Kane and a bunch of other folks I've got to know over the times I've been there.

One of the newcomers to the Shoreditch nightlife landscape is A Rebours; I met most of the folks involved in the night through them going to Dice Club, and now their night is generally far busier than Dice, to the detriment of the older club, as they're on the same night and five minutes from each other. I went along to say hi after Dice Club finished.

These clubs were clubs I went to out of choice; I also have something of an obligation to help folks out who have done me favours, and for that reason I ended up at the Gold Bar in Stoke Newington where John Power from Slutty Fringe was DJing.

Slutty Fringe also sent me out to shoot New Young Pony Club, but there was a mix-up with what time they were on - we presumed they'd be the headline band, but they were on first. So I got some shots of a band called Pope Joan, who aren't amazing. There was another band there too but I didn't get their name and they were awful.

Finally, Le Cool helped launch a Thai/Viet fusion restaurant, and what with there being free food, I was of course there to document the occasion. First up though, here's Le Cool's Josh Jones and Eamon Downes doing a passable impression of the Krays.

My boys! Onto the food; the restaurant is called Monsieur M. and the food is quite good. There were rice dumpling rolling classes and everything.

Sticking with Le Cool, this year we've started a collaboration with Art Below, supplying them with posters from our cover artists. Here's Matthew Green in front of his awesome piece.

For the Le Cool interview, Dark Times author Daniel Kramb:

For an interview on the Le Cool blog, Le Cool writer and now editor of her own fashion magazine (SHIRLEY), Naomi Attwood.

Sticking with the fashion theme, here's Maz from Lucha, and some shots of her for her friend who makes the flowers in her hair. Have a nice weekend.

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  1. wow, you take great photos! i really like the b/w one, haha.
    i've started a blog about photography only yesterday, so if you want come check it out :)