Thursday, 28 April 2011


It's been a while since I updated. I'd like to say this is because I have been so terribly busy that I haven't had time, but predictably I've got myself into various pickles of late and have been variously raging, starving, grumping and, yes, eventually working myself into a lather of sorts. I've been pushing myself more towards dance and away from nightclubs and music; this isn't to say I don't enjoy shooting live music any more, but since magazines decided to stop paying, and my wallet gapes like a festering stomach wound, I've slowed down a little in the perhaps vain hope that I can find a way to use my talents to put food on the table without compromising my passion for it. A tall order.

Last weekend my grandmother died; it wasn't unexpected but of course still sad. She taught me to tie my laces. The picture above is a shot from when I visited a couple of weeks ago. She was reminiscing about growing up; she was born by Old Street tube station, in a time long before skinny jeans and fixed-wheel bikes. I have too much N4 pride to consider myself an East-Londoner, but I live here now and I've often thought how it might have been, when her brother was working at the fire station on Kingsland Road and the blitz was raining down.

Anyway, here's some pictures, I hope you like them. Feedback by the usual channels, as ever, is enjoyed and encouraged. Also, in case you haven't realised, clicking the pictures makes them larger (and gets rid of the awful blogspot resizing artifacts).