Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Summertime, And The Living

I'm not a fan of heat, but the summer tends to offer good chances to get nice pictures outdoors. It's been a busy few weeks, and I had the closest thing I've had to a holiday for a while by going to Download with Lucha Britannia; not that I wasn't working there, but I wasn't working on anything else while I was there, and a respite from trying to think in five directions at once was welcome, even if the mud and then heat and then mud gave me nosebleeds for two days solid when I got back. Lucha Britannia works around a formula of fights and performances, and Download is probably the perfect place for it, being filled with thousands of guys who want to go "woo! ewww! fuck yeah!" at every possible opportunity. Here's some shots of the show and the festival.

From one world to another; I did a job for Tesco, a few days after changes at the top were announced. There was some confusion about who was doing what - the people I was there to shoot were Tesco suppliers rather than employees - but I liked these pictures of folks there inbetween the tasting and talking.

Which leads nicely to these pictures I did for the Drawing Degree Show Catalogue at Camberwell..

Tesco workers of the future need entertaining today; here's Josh Knowles and Trixie Malicious' new project Chakrelax. These pictures will be 'shopped onto new-age backgrounds of forests and stars.

Meanwhile, here's Joe and his band Lazarus and The Plane Crash playing possibly their 2nd ever show. It was good!

Two people I met through Joe are Amechi and Tammy. Here's a series of shots of Tammy as Britannia.

Another person I met through Joe is Amechi. Amechi introduced me to various photographers when I was but a young hobbyist asking for places I might go to watch the real pros do their thing. Here's Amechi.

He's opened a vintage market on the corner of Kingsland Road and Regent's Canal. It's called The Pattern Market. Here's some pix I took for him.

Finally, here's some shots I did for Mike G, general musically-talented person and leader of the Badger group I have taken pictures of from time to time. I took some shots during a music video he was shooting for a new project.

It was quite fun, I wouldn't mind doing some more shoots like that during a video shoot. Someone else carries all the lights for a start. Here's Mikey.

That's all from me for now. Hope you're enjoying the heat.