Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Technical Knock Out

Huge update alert! Things have been a little crazy; a couple of weeks back my laptop died, and this came along just as I found myself shooting pretty much every day. Hard work but good times. So, in no particular order...

Dice Club came back. I love Dice Club like it was my own oddly-coiffered child wearing pointy shoes and a see-through shirt. Romance, Cold In Berlin (ex Death Cigarettes) and Miss Something played. It was fun!

I also went to see lovely folks An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump play at their single launch.

We need some colour pictures now. I was invited along to get some shots of dance/theatre piece Lisa Appleby which was a great show and good to keep my eye in for forthcoming Exciting Dance Shoots.

Also another shoot with dancer, glass-bather and fire-eater Missy Macabre. It snowed!

I also did some promo shoots for Lazarus And The Plane Crash, a joint project between Joe from The Guillotines and Stephen from The Real Tuesday World.

You want portraits? Here's JFKt, writer.

Here's Dot Allison, singer.

Here's Fear Of Theydon, producer.

Out and about once more, I checked out a couple days of the Rock And Roll Expressionists mini-festival, with the likes of T.V. Smith, Alabama 3 and Vince Ray and the Boneshakers, as well as excellent art from 5 legendary artists such as Tom Spencer whose tattoo glass is superb.

And now for something completely different: promo shots for Miss Severity Myers.

Indeed. Although there are four or five others shoots I could show you, this is a fair idea of the sort of work I've been doing of late. But one other thing - the Artful Badger show at the Secret Garden Party Christmas Party. Everyone likes badgers, right?

So now I need a rest. Hello Christmas!