Monday, 27 June 2011

Tour de Force

I'm bad at my job; not the taking pictures part, the getting paid on time and paying my bills part. This is down to a slovenly personality and also a general feeling of "if the world ends now, everything is just fine" that I get when I've had a nice shoot; everywhere I go, there I am. In a way the second is worse than the first, because the big, career-changing moments don't arrive with fireworks, and the times you're required to step up, inevitably you deal with people who already see you at that level, and so it all appears everyday.


The issue becomes resource management. How to make the benefits of experience and talent count often feels like how to make something from nothing if you don't know how to engage those resources correctly. Likewise, each step up the ladder requires and higher-level of polish and professionalism. I'm learning, I'm learning..

In Good Company

Ultimately I find myself resenting my inability to let it all fall down. Why can't life be easy? Why is life unfair? Why am I so stuck? Then I shoot again and forget.

Nothing reassures quite so much as an old client coming back; I've enjoyed being back at the ICA, a place which seems to exist in a bubble in the heart of Touristville, London.


The more I work, the more I want to do my own work. I'm developing a project..

Tom Medwell