Friday, 23 October 2009

Ups And Downs

It's easy to get over worked-up when things go right and too miserable when things go wrong. The week got off to a good start - shooting a portrait of the legendary go-go dancer and all-round lovely lady Trixy Malicious, for Le Cool.

Then it was off to the Bizarre Ball, as official photographer for Lucha Britannia. I took about 2000 shots... rather than show you the approximate 300 shots I was happy with, here's ten that made me smile.

Sunday started off with some more Badger Badger stuff at Notting Hill Arts Club.

Then I was off to the Spiro Ark for the opening of Ruth Sallon's exhibition.

Monday started with a portrait of Imogen Heap for Le Cool.

Then off to get another Le Cool portrait, this time Heidi Heelz, of Dice Club fame, to help promote her forthcoming event at the Roundhouse.

Then I was off to the Scala to shoot the No Age gig for Slutty Fringe.

Tuesday evening started with a Slutty Fringe conker competition at the Queen Of Hoxton.

I had been asked at short notice to cover another No Age gig that night, with the hope of getting my pictures into NME. I did, but the fuckers didn't credit me.

Thursday, I had a shoot lined up, a test with Hannah Logic that I hoped would go well enough to pitch to magazines. As it happens, just about everything that could go wrong did, and with the models recalled by their agency having complained about unprofessionalism, the only thing I could do is take some quick shots of my roving gang of lesbians - the stylist, her friend, and my assistant.

In the evening I had a hastily rearranged shoot with Dead Kids Mike Title, who needed some shots for publicity purposes. When he got the pix back, he didn't like em, so Thursday was officially Double Shoot Fail Day.

Friday work started with a shoot for Girls Girls Girls, a performance piece to be done at Act Art in a few weeks.

Then I was off to Fangtasia at Resistance Gallery.

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