Friday, 16 October 2009


Saturday and it was down to Worthing for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. It was a good chance to get a bunch of the Medwell clan together; it's fairly rare, as we all live in different parts of the country. It was the first time I'd seen my grandmother for a while; she seemed in good spirits, and I think she enjoyed the occasion, although after a few hours she went off to watch tv in her living room.

Monday, I shot a portrait of David Carter, who has a small boutique hotel called 40 Winks. In one of those curious twists of fate, it turned out that my stepfather, James Mortimer (an interior photographer) was a good friend of his. The world grows larger and smaller by the day.

Tuesday was one of those days that makes my head spin; while I've taken a few celebrity portraits with no fuss, taking pictures of the musical heroes of my youth leaves my dizzy. For about three years when I was in my late teens, I collected every release DJ Vadim touched. I went to his house to do a portrait, for lecool. Naturally, he'd had three hours sleep, having landed from NY only a few hours before I arrived, and was dazed and perhaps a little grouchy when he found me waiting in his living room...

Wednesday I did a promotional shoot for Missy Macabre. I originally met her through her act with Lucha Britannia.

After that I did some promotional shots for Rock And Roll Expressionists, a group exhibition coming up at Resistance Gallery featuring Tom Spencer and Vince Ray, among others..

Friday I had a meeting with Marga, the dancer and curator of the Queen's Elms show I covered recently. She is eager to do a shoot with me so we went to Queen's Woods near Crouch End to try some things out..

Coming up: Saturday, Bizarre Ball; Sunday, more Badger drumming; next week - Imogen Heap, No Age, Dead Kids, Fashion Shoot, Fangtasia.. busy much yeah?

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