Friday, 2 October 2009

And Relax.

Saturday was back at Cargo; again, French Horn Rebellion who I'd seen a couple of days previous, joined by The Chap, who were impressive, and another band who didn't make much of an impression. I hadn't heard The Chap before, and was pleasantly surprised by the energy they put into their show.

It was a fun night. The rest of the week was dominated by two cancelled jobs, so I found myself less busy than I have been. Whereas a few weeks back I would have found something else to do, this week I needed to kick back a bit and take it a little easy. Wednesday I shot a portrait of Matthew Killick for lecool, to help publicise his exhibition.

Thursday was Skill Wizard, a night put on by Invasion guitarist Marek. The headline act was Insect Warfare. It was a lot more fun for having had a few relaxing days before.

It was the sort of night where I saw the other photographers hiding by the side of the stage and gave thanks for my height and bulk, although at one point a crowdsurfer grabbed my lens and I had to put him down. I would like it if I could make some sort of living from these sorts of photographs, but in the meantime, I have other exciting projects on the go, and perhaps doing it for a job would make it less fun.

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