Friday, 18 September 2009

Direction, and other impossibilities.

Saturday saw me heading to the O2 for a a night of scratchin', hip-hoppin', and duckin' under and around tv crews filming the 25th DMC Championships. I would not say that I am the biggest hip hop fan in the world, but there was a time when I relentlessly collected Mo' Wax releases, knew all the words to every song on Step In Da Arena and wore particularly baggy jeans. It was a good feeling to do the job; I got it on recommendation, it was a prestege event (particularly because it was their silver anniversary) and I was the only snapper given a stage pass. I tried to make best use of it, but there is a certain limit to how much you can do with pictures of guys touching records. It was great to see up close though - I don't know if any video in the world would truly show just how fast Q-Bert can make his hands move.

That last one is DJ Shiftee, winner on the night. Not a controversial decision, but in my opinion, DJ Coma (2nd shot down) gave a more entertaining performance. But what do I know..

Monday saw me heading to Tesco HQ for a shoot with Ken Hom, for their packaging, PR and press divisions. He said I was one of the best photographers (on set) that he'd worked with. Oh boy. Maybe he'd disagree if he saw this picture.

He was a real nice guy. His favourite Chinese dish is Peking Duck.

What was going to be a busy busy week turned into a slightly quieter week, as shoot after shoot was rebooked or cancelled - of course, I always get that call when I'm halfway to them. These things happen; at the moment I have three books in my camera bag for such eventualities. Luckily Syban came over to save me from going camera-crazy and taking pictures of blank walls, ants, rubbish in the street..

She's still crazy.

Friday was time for Fangtasia at Resistance Gallery, a theme night based on True Blood. There was a spectacular performance from Santa Gasolina and I was well pleased to see some faces I hadn't seen for a while. It was a good end to a good week.

Perhaps the best thing that happened this week was being contacted by the ICA; I'm to be their official photographer for a 9-day festival they're holding in November. I'm massively excited and can't wait. First things first though; tomorrow I'm off to the Summer Sunset festival. I'd promised myself "no more festivals!" but then they mentioned 20 people salsa dancing while dressed as badgers, how could I say no?

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