Thursday, 1 April 2010


So, Suede returned to the big time, selling out the Royal Albert Hall. Mat had got me a photopass; I was never the world's biggest fan but to see them all up stage and loving it was great. I got a few ok pictures.

Aw, Mat.

In other exciting news, the ICA got themselves out of the mire long enough to put the best night on I've been to for a while. Luckily for me, they hired me to take pictures of the whole day; it was an event based around the work and thoughts of Cosey Fanni Tutti; in the daytime was Cosey Club, a series of talks, lectures, presentations and performances inspired by her.

In the evening at Cosey Club there were bands and DJs; Eve Black/Eve White, Fixmer/McCarthy, Richard Clouston and Andrew Wetherall.

However, though they weren't headlining, the real greatness of the night was to see Factory Floor play again. They're nice people, always put on a good show, and I'm always happy with the pictures I get.

I had a good time, thought the clocks went forward and I found myself flagging a bit towards the end. Elsewhen, I've shot two reasonable portraits for Le Cool this week. First up, Phil Wood who runs the Roxy Bar and Screen in Borough.

Later that day, Sebastian Horsley, an artist and general gadabout, who was quite fun to take pictures of.

Aside from these things, the most exciting thing to happen this week was to receive an initial email from Tate Modern about possibly taking some pictures there as their in-house performance photographer; it would be big news for me, but after the initial excitement has worn down, memories of other greatnesses that never quite happen surfaced; perhaps it would be interesting to someone to see how these things work, in terms of getting work, so I'll chart the progress as it happens.

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