Friday, 4 September 2009


Some weeks feel like a quiet week but then you remember the craziness at the beginning and the end. This was one of those weeks. Right now it seems like I've hardly done anything, but the Saturday say the launch party for Slutty Fringe take place, and it was quite busy. Kudos to John Power for owning up to booking the wrong band by mistake, and kudos to I Haunt Wizards for going through with their girl-power-tinged set despite it. My housemates came along too.. here they are. They're a fun couple o'ladies.

Sunday and on to Metropolis strip club; not my usual venue of choice for a Sunday night, but Slutty Fringe had sent me there to cover Filthy Carnival, a club night featuring various strip-themed fashionistas admiring the ironicness of it all.

Then the week went dead but for chasing up invoices, emailing, catching up with friends. Thursday I took my friend out to take some pictures; I'd meant to a few times, but it had always fallen through at the last minute. This time I rushed down to Bromley and got there a little late but we managed to get a few nice pictures, here's one of them.

Later that night it was time for A Rebours put on by the insistently cool Reece Prince Watson. My flash died halfway into the evening and I had no more batteries on me and it was too late to get any; I'm working on the idea that you can shoot without flash a lot more if you're shooting lo-res for web anyway, and it just so happens that my camera is one of the best for shooting high-iso shots.. it will take some work to get the technique down right but the first results (at Metropolis and most of A Rebours) aren't completely awful.

It was also a nice chance to catch up with friends I hadn't seen for a little while anyway. Next week starts tomorrow: Offset Festival, a trip to Woking, a shoot with a new model, a shoot with a luchadore, a shoot with a bunch of girls to advertise their abduction site, and a night at Cargo.. no rest for the wicked.

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